Welcome to On Point Fencing Club!

Mission Statement: On Point Fencing Club is dedicated to promoting the sport of fencing in the Carolinas. We strive to be a positive learning environment for students, regardless of age. Through our integrity and ethical conduct, we seek to be a positive influence in the lives of everyone we come in contact within our community.

Vision Statement: “Lunging Towards Greatness as Athletes and as Individuals”. Through the sport of fencing, students learn to develop sound bodies and minds. To teach students to benefit from effective work skills, learn to self-motivate, acquire the spirit of perseverance and the value of sportsmanship.

Core Values: “Discipline, Personal Character, Self-Motivation, Leadership and Sportsmanship”. At On Point, our goal is to not only train superior athletes, but also help our fencers become superior citizens in the community. By incorporating these core values into our classes we hope to help our fencers build strong moral character and learn how to achieve their goals. We train all year round so come enjoy the sport of fencing with us!

Please check back for updated information and updates.